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Growth, value enhancement and equity capital

Challenges for entrepreneurs and investors

Germany is the land of medium-sized entrepreneurs. Continuity, long-term thinking and action characterize the decision-makers. Passion for their own product is in focus of their actions. Particularly in innovation markets, this can be observed: Development and optimization of the product are pursued with passion and occupy a large share of the attention of the entrepreneur and management team.

Integrated processes

BRSV identifies attractive investors that fit the strategy


Most investors lack evidence of attractive and predictable business potential and scalable market capture activities.

From more than 20 years of experience we evaluate business models according to future revenue, growth and competitive potentials with self-developed approaches and valuation models.

But we do not stop at experience and network! We use state-of-the-art methods (automation, AI) to find the right investors for entrepreneurs' requirements. For investment partners, we identify attractive targets that fit the strategy.

Upon request, we can also assist you with contacting and closing.

We accelerate your goal achievement!

Early focus

Conversations between entrepreneurs and venture capitalists often run counter to each other.

An early focus on market issues is often missing! The time needed to deal with the goto-market strategy, the delineation of target markets and the development of sales processes is underestimated.

Measures are often initiated too late. This misjudgment often results in financing bottlenecks (highly developed product - little conquered market). Under pressure, the search for equity capital follows. However, the timing is suboptimal.

Product focus on the one hand and business or scaling focus on the other prevent a common understanding and a consensual company valuation.

M&A advisors, with their financial ratio-driven approach, are often not seen as helpful and tend to discourage.

Finding the right accompanying partner

BR Smart Ventures combines the corporate world and the investment world.

Achieving more success here requires early consideration of a goto-market plan and a systematically planned and process-secured growth process. Entrepreneurs complain that they lack the right accompanying partner on this demanding path. One of the main problems is that the market and sales strategy is too separated from the investment strategy!

Customer Statements

"BRSV's methods and tools are modern, systematic and exciting - they allow us to scale with consistent quality, without expanding the sales organization"

"Without our partner, we would not have been able to access our challenging markets!"

"The first lead was the biggest lead in the company's history!"

"The collaboration has brought more than the elaborate market analyses of the past years!"

"Time to Market: despite savings in time and headcounts, we accelerate awareness and market capture!"

"Hit rate tripled compared to conventional process!"

"Epochal step in our investor and candidate search!"


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