What we offer entrepreneurs and equity investors


BR Smart Ventures focuses on investment and growth

Focus Investment

BRSV is the innovative partner for the private equity industry and investors

From more than 20 years of experience we evaluate business models according to future revenue, growth and competitive potentials with self-developed approaches and valuation models.

But we do not stop at experience and network! With state-of-the-art methods (automation, AI) we search for entrepreneurs the right investors for their requirements. For investment partners, we identify attractive targets that fit into the strategy. If desired, we can also assist you with contacting and closing. We accelerate your target achievement!


  • Early Phase Assessment (MOTA)
  • Market Due Dilligence (MDD)
  • Investor search (M&A)
  • Investment search (Targets)

Early Phase Assessment (MOTA)

  • Market Oriented Technology Assessment (MOTA) - criteria-based scoring of business model attractiveness
  • Key question: How attractive is the business model, is it worth entering?
  • Target group: entrepreneurs and equity capital

Market Due Dilligence (MDD)

  • The company valuation from a market perspective (product, market, USP, competition) - Criteria and fact-based valuation of the company from a market perspective
  • Key question: How strong is the company's potential?
  • Target group: Equity capital

Investor search (M&A)

  • Investor profile, search and selection, contacting and deal support
  • Key question: Who is the right partner, (co-)investor for me, for whom are we attractive?
  • Target group: entrepreneurs and equity capital

Investment search (Targets)

  • Search and contact optimal target candidates for strategy and buy and build
  • Guiding question: Who fits our target radar and is open to conversation?
  • Target group: Equity capital

BRSV uses state-of-the-art methods to analyze the market

Deals internationally audited

Investors internationally audited

Focus growth

BRSV is the innovative partner for growth scaling and value enhancement

Based on more than 20 years of experience, we don't tell you how to do it - we do it!

In cooperation with its partner company BRCG, BRSV is able to support its customers, partners and clients in the overall process of sales growth processes. In doing so, we take on the role of the implementing partner - particularly attractive from our clients' point of view.

We define sales processes and story "state of the art" with procedures developed in-house.

We open the doors for you!

With modern communication processes, we address the target groups - until the desired date. End to end!


  • Goto Market Strategy
  • Story-Telling
  • Market potential
  • Delimitation of the relevant market
  • Structure Database
  • Sales process
  • Scale growth

Goto Market Strategy

  • Vermarktungsstrategie prüfen und definieren! (Positionierung, Zielmarktdefinition, Story, Vertriebswege, Vertriebsprozess)
  • Leitfrage: Wie ist die Leistung richtig zu positionieren und zu vermarkten?
  • Target group: entrepreneurs and equity capital


  • Positionierung und Value-orientierte Argumentation aufbauen und schärfen!
  • Leitfrage: Vom technischen Nutzen zum Business-Value?
  • Zielgruppe: Unternehmer

Relevanter Markt und Database

  • Definition und Ermittlung Zielunternehmen, Zielpersonen und Aufbau Database!
  • Leitfrage: Wer braucht unsere Lösung dringend, wo fangen wir an?
  • Target group: entrepreneurs and equity capital

Scale growth

  • Vertriebsunterstützung integriert „out of the box“! (Team, Tools und Prozess)
  • Leitfrage: Fokus auf Neugeschäft – Vertriebsunterstützung – nicht reden, machen!
  • Target group: entrepreneurs and equity capital


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